Welcome to my resume web site

Welcome to my Resume web site You may have been directed here by my Monster, CareerBuilder, or TelecomCareers.net profiles. This web site will allow you to download my resume in Word or PDF format as well as some of my other works. Click the Contact Me link in the top menu to speak with me over the phone. I really look forward to hearing from you.

Past Projects (Also listed on Project Downloads Page)

Fiber Optic Orderwire Link of Radiodetection Transmitters This project involved the linking of several fiber optic location transmitters via a common communications channel. This channel allowed the fiber locators to remotely control a location transmitter via cell phone.

Church Wireless Linking Project Project to link the main church building and rectory of Saint Paul Catholic Church in Nassau Bay, Texas. This allowed the priests to have access to the church network without burying cable or implementing a VPN solution.

History of Fiber Optics Presentation on the history of fiber optic communications.

Fiber Optic Applications Presentation covering applications of fiber optics.

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